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XAMLtoMVC Documentation

XAMLtoMVC is a dll that you can reference from MVC Projects. It requires several web.config settings.
If you make a reference in your MVC project to NetAcademia.Web.MVC.Imaging.dll you get Html and Url extension methods. These extension methods are Tacepao, SqlImage and XamlToPng and their overloads. You can use these methods in your views to create <img ... />, <input type="image" ... /> tags or just generate urls that returns images of your choice. The generated urls target MVC actions. These actions create png or jpeg from XAML definition and write the generated picture bytes back to the response stream so the <img .. /> or the <input type="image" ... /> can display them.
Beside you get the reference you have to make certain config file modifications. Tacepao , SqlImage and XamlToPng have their own config section.
This documentation tells you everything about that extension methods and configuration sections.

Getting Started



Extension Methods

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